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The SUN Village
As a non-governmental charitable organization, Sun Village has been dedicated to providing foster care and education for the children of convicts for over 14 years. Sun Village is committed to bring these minors together in a stable and warm family. This environment enables them to grow-up both happily and healthily, just as other children would. Our charitable services include tailored educational programmes, psychological counseling, rights protection and vocational training.
As the Sun Village children are neither orphan nor physically disabled, they are ineligible for government subsidies. At the same time they can receive unfavorable treatment in society due to their family background. On their own, the children would be left without shelter: Some would work as shepherds, some would beg for money and food, and many would be abandoned and possibly abused by their relatives. Given this situation it may not be surprising that some children turn to crime, just as their parents may have done.
Over the last 14 years, Sun Village has provided valuable assistance for more than 2000 of these children. Currently, more than 400 children reside at Children’s Villages in Beijing, Xi’an, Xinxiang (Henan Province), Long County (Shanxi Province), Jiujiang (Jiangxi Province) and Datong (Qinghai Province)

SUN History
Over the last 14 years, the Sun Village has helped over 2000 children of convicts.
Currently, around 130 children between the ages of one to eighteen reside at the Beijing Sun Village. The children come from all over China;
1. The Shanxi Xi’an Children’s Village plays host to some 90 children;
2. The Henan Xinxiang Children’s Village hosts 40 children;
3. The Long County Shelter in Shanxi hosts 30 children
4. The Jiangxi Sun Village hosts 100 children
5. The Qinghai Sun Village hosts 60 children

To date, there are 6 Children’s Villages under the umbrella of Beijing Sun Village, including the organization’s headquarters. Together the 6 organizations are helping over 400 children

2012 Program (Love in Sun)
Sun Village Facilities
Sun Village provides itself on having a dependable office staff and maintenance team.
The toys postioned on the play ground, the living rooms, the bed rooms, the wash rooms, and even the little paper flowers on wall are showing people's great efforts to make the children living better.
Sun Village Love Gallery
Lives in Sun Village
Currently, 200 children reside at Children's Villages in Beijing, Xi'an, Xinxiang (Henan Province) and Long County (Shaanxi Province).The Photos are telling people a truth how the real lives in the Sun Village are. The kids are experiencing the love from donors all the time.
Sun Village Love Gallery
Sun Village Love Gallery
Beijing Sun Village is a big home for the children. A collection of people who are giving courage, friendship, compassion, and support to those children who are overcoming sadness. You can look through the photo gallery of charity events that we have hosted or catered in Sun Village.
Sun's Stories
Sun's Stories
A lot overwhelming stories were happed in the Sun Village. The photos are showing how people made them to grow-up both happily and healthily, just as other children would.
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